Home Inventory: Protect Your Home Against Damages

Clarity and advice at the end of the tenancy ensures you get the right results.

A home inventory is often called a ‘written picture’ of a property, detailing not only the condition of a home, but its contents, its defects and the level of cleanliness. The idea of this home checklist is to rule out disputes between landlord and tenant; what constitutes ‘fair wear and tear’ and who, if anyone, is responsible for any damage caused. Despite its obvious importance, the home inventory, at both the check in and check out stages of a tenancy agreement are often skipped by landlords and tenants, resulting in disagreements between parties and one blaming the other for damages.

You do not want to be blamed for something they have not done – with a No Letting Go home inventory, you won’t be.

Detailed, Simple, Jargon-free Reports

We specialise in all aspects of home inventory and offer a comprehensive service that goes beyond what most inventory firms consider a detailed document. With our full damage and dilapidations report, we don’t settle for just a ‘written picture’, we back up our text with real photographic evidence as standard; and we do it without the endless industry jargon and hard-to-understand abbreviations that most of our competitors use.

Our inventory services are tailored around your needs and requirements and has been honed to offer you a checklist that is as detailed as it is simple. The No Letting Go home inventory is beneficial to both landlords (private and letting agents) and tenants. Not only does the landlord receive an in-depth document that is informative and easy to analyse, the tenant is given the chance to attend the inventory, raise any issues that they may have cropped up, and read and sign the report. With both parties in agreement, the landlord/tenant relationship can be a positive experience that ends in a diplomatic and friendly manner.

home inventory damage report

A residential home inventory is as important as the tenancy agreement itself. Give yourself peace and mind by choosing No Letting Go today. Let us carry out your home inventory, offering you the very best advice at the end of a tenancy and help you bring the tenancy to a quick end.

To get your home inventory in place, call No Letting Go on 0800 8815 366, or visit us in person at one of our 20 regional offices across the UK.

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