The Importance of Property Inventory Management in London

If you are a landlord, or a tenant renting a property in London, the property inventory document is essential, and second only to the rental agreement in terms of importance.

A property inventory is a written representation of a property and everything that belongs to it. Property inventory management is a collection of services that include inventories on check in and check out, block visits, snagging, and on-going support with property protection. A thoroughly compiled inventory will note the conditions and defects of the property, its fixtures and fittings, as well as assessing the level of cleanliness and overall condition before tenants move in and once they have vacated.

Inventories are done at the start and end of a tenancy and will include very detailed recordings of items on both the interior and exterior of a property; reports are often so exhaustive that details can include the position of a scratch on a door or the condition of a tree in the garden – with photo evidence as proof. No Letting Go are specialists in providing property inventory services in London and throughout the UK and our team of highly trained clerks will ensure you get the very highest quality of service whenever and wherever you want an inventory carried out.

Inventory Benefits

The outstanding benefit of a report being this comprehensive is that both the landlord and tenants know where they stand, and arguments over who caused what, or what was and wasn’t in the property, can be avoided.

As a landlord, property inventory management is the only option available to ensure tenants can be billed for the cost of any damages incurred by them during their tenure in the property. Likewise, a tenant should always demand that a property inventory is provided so that they cannot be accused of damage for which they are not responsible.

To ensure that property inventory management promotes a healthy business arrangement between landlord and tenant, it should always be carried out by an independent inventory professional from the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC), or from the letting agency arranging the rent. This will allow for queries and complaints to be dealt with independently for both parties concerned.

If you are looking for more information or would like to contact No Letting Go about speaking to an inventory clerk within London you have come to the right place. We have 7 offices in the capital all offering our tailored property inventory services to a range of clients. Our London based offices are located in Barnet, the West End, Docklands, Greenwich, Richmond/Chelsea, Southwark, Walthamstow & Woodford spreading across the city meaning we can offer our property inventory services throughout London, for a closer look find your local office here.

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