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Don’t get caught out by not having a thorough check in inventory carried out.

Over 90% of cases through the mydeposits deposit scheme award against landlords and over 50% on the ARLA backed insurance scheme - TDS. One of the key reasons is poor paperwork with lack of inventories either at the check in or check out stages of tenancy. Since April, 2007 No Letting Go has seen a sharp rise in the outsourcing of check ins due to the fact that most agents and landlords now find check in inventories a necessary requirement. In the past the tenant was given keys and checked themselves in.

We know what it takes to provide an effective property check and why it is so important to have one.

Get your property check done professionally, studio, flat or house. If an inventory is not signed during the check in process then it is technically not worth the paper it is written on. The tenant after all has not signed it and can argue that any damage was in place before they moved in. This is a recipe for disaster and can cause potential problems later in the tenancy, so beware.

Book a professional property check.

No Letting Go check in inventories involve the tenant signing each and every page of your house or flat report at the property and then signing the full declaration at the end. Full meter readings are taken, keys registered and any queries and problems registered and dealt with on site. The time and effort we take to ensure your landlord client’s and your tenant’s interests are looked after raises your service above all others and protects the property from future misunderstandings.

Our check in inventory services set standards

Quite simply we know our business and we love it. We’re setting new standards for inventory check ins all the time. As the only national brand in the market, we are fast becoming the industry’s natural spokesperson and we are proud of the standards we are setting both in ensuring our clerks are highly trained and each one of our clients are provided with up to date, precise advice when needed. This means that when our services are required we can perform our job to the highest capabilities so your property and possessions are protected whether you are a tenant or landlord as we know that is what is most important to you.

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