Our Inventory Check Out Services

The most important role of the inventory company is the property check out.

A check out inventory is vital for landlords and tenants to ensure that the property is left in the same condition that it was in when the tenant moved in. Check outs have become increasingly important to ensure that the landlord and agent cover the costs of any damage or cleanliness issues caused by tenants, if it is not registered it is difficult to prove liability. An inventory during the check out process also helps landlords to determine what upgrade work needs to be carried out before new tenants move in and is a vital component of letting a property.

One of the main problems that can arise at check out is whether any damage has been caused by the tenant or is purely down to wear and tear, to avoid any complications No Letting Go also recommend a check in inventory which ensures any changes can be tracked against earlier reports. A poorly prepared inventory, a forgotten check and no property visits all go towards potential problems when a tenant checks out of a property but at No Letting Go we take pride in offering only the very highest quality of services.

We know what it takes to provide an effective check out.

We are trained to handle those awkward situations, our other greatest asset is our team of highly trained and qualified inventory clerks. We know how long a professional inventory really takes. We understand the importance of a commitment to meticulous detail to protect both landlord and tenant. We appreciate the need for consistently fair and accurate reporting, as well as tact and diplomacy. Work with us and you will feel the difference compared with other property inventory companies.

As part of a property check out, No Letting Go provide:

  1. A full check of the property against the inventory with report written findings agreed with the tenant
  2. A full cleanliness report – 80% of costs caused at check out are as a result of poor cleanliness.
  3. Meter readings
  4. Keys checked and property secured
  5. Digital photographs as standard, highlighting any changes or damages
  6. An optional damage and dilapidations report, typed with digital pictures

The inventory check out report is signed on site and agreed by the tenant. This stops any arguments or ambiguity after the event and ensures that any deposit deductions are made swiftly. As an independent company No Letting Go can also provide property checks and other services with or without the tenant present.

clerk carrying out check out inventory Inventory Check Out Report Example clerks available nationwide for check out inventories

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