Is it for me?

Running a successful business is more about attitude, enthusiasm and passion than anything else. Being part of a franchise means that we provide you with the brand, training, best advice and constant support which allows you to focus on delivering your business but cannot give you attitude. It is therefore important that before you consider this business or any other you ask yourself a few questions.

  • Am I committed to growing a successful business?
  • Am I a positive person who believes in a “can do” approach to life?
  • Am I someone who is willing to listen, learn and do?
  • Can I communicate with people?
  • Am I willing to do things I have not done before (step outside on my comfort zone)?
  • Am I able to talk to strangers?
  • Can I work on my own?
  • Am I prepared to work hard to ensure my success?
  • Am I prepared to build a business step by step and remain committed to a plan?
  • Am I self reliant?
  • Am I in good physical health?
  • Do I have the support of my family?
  • Am I able to afford the investment required and keep myself whilst the business grows?
  • Am I comfortable operating within a territory?

If the answer is yes to the above and property services are an area of the industry you have an interest in, and then let’s talk. Click here to arrange a discussion on the phone or a face to face meeting.

Contact us today to find out more about our property inventory franchise options. Call us now on 0845 659 9980 to talk to Tony or email us on with any questions.