What are the returns

Running your own business is all about getting out what you put in. It is impossible to make predictions on what each and every office will achieve but every territory that we agree with you has the capability of achieving a fabulous £100k+ business delivering gross margins of 50-60% of sales.

The inventory business is a very low overhead business which can be operated from home and we have allocated franchise territories that are large enough to have the potential to provide substantial revenues to the franchisees with a culture that encourages growth.

Examples of what our current franchisees are turning over will be made available at the first meeting as well as a detailed financial breakdown so that you can construct your own business plan and see what you could achieve when running an established operation, following our systems and guidance

Contact us today to find out more about your possible returns and our property inventory franchise options. Call us today on 0845 659 9980 and talk to Tony or email us on info@nolettinggo.co.uk with any questions.