What’s the investment?

The biggest investment with the greatest return that you can make in your own business is the time and effort that you put into it. By making that commitment coupled with our expertise, training and support you will be successful.

The amount that you will need to invest financially will vary dependant on your personal circumstances as it will take a few months before the business starts to return a substantial income to you and only you know how much you will need to take from the business on a monthly basis before it becomes self supporting.

Once you have invested in the franchise territory, then the additional working capital is minimal. You will need to support yourself over the period of time it takes to grow your business. This is typically 3-6 months, although some of our franchisees have achieved incomes that support their lifestyles within 1-2 months and recovering all of their investment within 6 months. To purchase a full territory with training, branding, marketing start up kit, support and mentoring is £15,000. The cost of setting up the business and running it is dependent on whether you already own a computer, car and mobile phone etc. No Letting Go have a great track record and are known by the key lending banks should you need to fund through a loan.

As part of your research and due diligence into the business we will work with you to create a realistic business plan which will incorporate all financial planning requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about your investment and our property inventory franchise options. Call us today on 0845 659 9980 and talk to Tony or email us on info@nolettinggo.co.uk with any questions.