Landlord Inventory Services

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With recent changes to the Housing Act and the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), rules and regulations governing deposits have been tightened and landlords no longer have the power of control they previous had. Yes, this has helped to root out rogue landlords, but it has put honest, hardworking landlords like you at risk - giving tenants more power to challenge your holding of a deposit even if they are in the wrong.

This has made the No Letting Go landlord inventory services more vital than ever before.

Safeguard your Investment

As a landlord, you are no longer able to play judge and jury; that power has been taken away. Instead, to safeguard your investment, it is essential that you have a meticulously prepared, unbiased, landlord inventory arranged at both the check in and check out stages of a tenancy.

At No Letting Go, we have vast experience in helping landlords just like you save hundreds of pounds on bills for damages that were not their fault. Our detailed check in and check out inventory reports are designed to provide you with a comprehensive report of your property, its condition, and its contents.

Our reports include in-depth information on everything from walls and ceilings, to light fittings and heating, and are written in non-technical language, free of jargon and easy to understand. To further guarantee landlord protection, we even go the extra mile to provide digital photographic evidence as standard.

At No Letting Go, we believe in honesty and fairness and our landlord inventories are designed to protect you.

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