The deposit scheme was originally introduced to protect students from landlords deducting money from deposits when they shouldn’t!

As a student or parent, protect your deposit by ensuring that a full inventory and schedule of condition is carried out.

As a tenant you want to protect yourself from landlords for being blamed for damage not carried out by you or paying out for items that are covered under fair wear and tear. The problem is, without a professional company advising and helping, you do not know what your rights are and what is chargeable or not.

Protect yourself with:
  • An inventory and schedule of condition – records the contents and condition of a property.
  • Check In and Check Out. We will check for changes between the signed inventory and the property at the end of your tenancy.
  • Pre Check Outs – we will visit your property before your check out i s due and go through it to ensure it is ready for your check out. Remember, you will not have time to make any changes at the check out and subsequently may be charged for work you could have carried out before hand.

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