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What All You Need to Know About EPC

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Introduced in the year 2007 as a vital part of Home Information Packs (HIPs), Energy Performance Certificate or EPC in short gives potential tenants or home buyers how energy competent their building is. An Energy Performance Certificate provides you the answer of many questions like consumption of energy in your home or your eligibility for a greener way of life.

What is an EPC?

In Layman language, the EPC provides information related to carbon dioxide emissions and potential energy costs. If you live in the UK and owns property, then you must have an EPC as it will help you to hoard some money on your electricity bills. As per the law, if you’re leasing out or selling your commercial property or home, you must have this official document when you place your property on the market.

Let’s discuss step by step about EPC…

Which kind of buildings needs this certificate?

More or less, all domestic and commercial properties need this certificate. In plain and simple language, if you use heating or cooling devices in your home then you’ll require an EPC.

Why get an EPC?

If you’ve flats to rent them out to a new renter or want to sell your building, then you must show your EPC to tenants or potential buyers. A copy of the same is also handed over to the new buyer or tenant.  If you are thinking of purchasing or leasing a property from a landholder, the certificate should be provided to you without any cost. If you choose to purchase a land, you will be conferred a genuine a copy by the seller. If you rent out or sell your property, just use this credential within its validity period.

What are the benefits of EPC?

Periodic check up of the energy condition of the property will aid landowners to reduce the carbon amount that a home releases and they can even save money on energy costs. Another advantage with this certificate is that having this inspection will ensure that the property holders keep their premises constant as per the energy efficient standards. In addition, it endows property owners with the estimated costs that can be used to manage the premises.

What is included in an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC contains a comprehensive report with recommendations to cut down the usage of energy and emission of carbon dioxide. It comes with a rating report that shows your present carbon dioxide releases and energy efficiency with potential stats that your home could rack up. These potential statistics are computed by creating a grade system.

Under this, ‘A’ rating is considered as the most efficient one, whereas ‘G’ is labeled as the poor one. The method of rating calculation is same for all homes. On the same token, the thorough report also suggests techniques through which you can lessen the amount of energy and fitting of loft insulation. This evaluation also suggests you the ways to make changes in carbon emission and energy rating of your property.

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