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Dominic Baines – No Letting Go Manchester South

Dominic Baines – No Letting Go Manchester South

Dominic Baines set up his franchise in November 2014.  Following a long career in banking, Dominic decided try something different and worked for Manchester University in Student Accomodation.  This provided a good insight into dealing with tenants, albeit students at this stage, and managing accommodation.

Dominic explored Franchise options through a scheme called Franchising Works based in Manchester, an innovative social enterprise that assists to create new businesses and jobs through franchising.  A business centred around the property market was of particular interest, and Dominic selected No Letting Go, based on the length of time in the industry, the comprehensive training and market leading technology.

Before Dominic took the leap into buying a franchise he spoke to a number of the existing No Letting Go franchisees.  Dominic explains why this helped to make his mind up.  “It was really useful talking to other franchisees to gain a good understanding of what their journey was like in setting up a new business, and what was involved in the day to day running of the business.”   It was this insight that provided Dominic with the confidence that not only could he start a new business, he would relish the challenge and opportunity of working for himself.

Dominic has since completed further training courses, so he can broaden the range of services he can provide to letting agents.  Dominic explains how once he had established himself in the area, how it was easy to grow his business “Once I established myself with a few of agents in the area, and was able to deliver a reliable and accurate service, my business grew through recommendations and word of mouth.”

The next stage for Dominic in growing his business is to take on extra staff to help manage the growing amount of working coming in.

Dominic has become a frequent winner at the No Letting Go Franchisee Awards, winning the prized  Customer Award, which is selected by No Letting Go National Clients.



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