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Neil Cassin – Farnborough

Neil Cassin – Farnborough

Leaving the Army after 28 years of service is a big leap for most people but for one No Letting Go franchisee it was a chance to take aim at a new career.  Neil Cassin says “After such a long time in the Army I was wondering what I would do and was sure I didn’t want to become an employee somewhere”.

“I also realised that starting a business from scratch could be an expensive route too so I settled on franchising.  I get to work for myself and also work to an established business model that has proved to be successful.

The No Letting Go franchise is flexible enough for me to make business decisions and remain in charge of the business I run”.

Neil says his previous experience as a Captain in the Royal Tank Regiment has proved useful – mainly because of all the management and people training he has had over the years.  Neil adds: “From the moment I met the people who run No Letting Go I was comfortable with what they were saying and I liked them.”

“They showed me how the franchise works and what I can expect in return.  I’d looked at four or five other franchise ideas from gardening to Smart car repair but No Letting Go were honest about what was needed to make the business work and how much I could expect to make”.

“I looked at other franchises but kept coming to the No Letting Go offering because it fitted my ambitions so well.”

The former Captain says his life in the Army taught him something else that is crucial to the next phase of his career – work life balance.

Neil says “I’ve got a young family now and I want a business that I can enjoy and be able to spend time with my family – that’s another reason why the No Letting Go franchise really suits me.

The support I’ve received has been really good as has the help from other franchisees.  I’ve been told what pitfalls to expect as well as getting the opportunity to work collaboratively with others”.

My general feeling is that No Letting Go is made up of genuine people who really want you to make a success of the franchise and will do what they can to help you achieve that goal.”



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