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Rachel Farr – No Letting Go Bath

Rachel Farr – No Letting Go Bath

Rachel originally ran her own inventory company in Bristol and came across No Letting Go whilst on a Property Inventory Management training course. Here she explains why she decided to switch from working independently to being part of the No Letting Go franchise network: “In short it was No Letting Go’s systems that impressed me so much” she recalls.

“Whilst I was still running my own business I started to do some work with No Letting Go as an affiliate working on some of the company’s national contracts in the Bristol area where I was based at the time.  Letting Agents want easy access to their inventories and online systems are the obvious solution. I was using a simple online inventory tool to generate inventory reports and log photography which worked okay but once I’d started to work with No Letting Go’s system I knew I had found a superior system; I found the software so user-friendly I knew it would make my life more manageable, that I would be able work more efficiently freeing up valuable time to grow my business. In the end it was an easy decision really.”

Rachel and her family took the opportunity to relocate to Bath, “I enjoy the variety, every day is different and the freedom to manage my own time and the flexibility that I have as a result is wonderful.”



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