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Thorough, accurate reporting is essential to protect your investment. Outsource to our nation-wide network of specialists, use our cutting-edge software in-house or enjoy a flexible mixture of both for a simple, no-fuss way to manage your reporting.

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Browse our fully-compliant suite of letting services and feel confident that your property inventory management needs are taken care of. However you like to work, wherever you like to work, we can help.


Inventory Management

Inventory management

Inventory Management covers all the processes and reports used to protect landlords and property professionals against change from the start of the tenancy and the end. The reports form part of the contract between tenant and landlord, provides the critical evidence required to ensure landlords or their representatives can recover costs against a deposit lodged by the tenant or against a zero-deposit replacement insurance. No Letting Go provide these critical reports.

Inventory management consists, Inventory and Schedule of Condition; Check In; Property Visit (Mid Term Inspection) and Check Out (Dilapidations report).

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Check In and
Right to Rent

Check In and Right to Rent

No Letting Go provide an on-site Right to Rent verification service in conjunction with a Check-In on behalf of the letting agent. A member of our regional office will meet the tenant, check and record the original “acceptable documents” for all adult occupiers in the presence of the individuals and make and retain dated copies of the checks. This information is then held on our secure KMS™ software system and made available to the agent via their online access. The check in will register information relating to outstanding maintenance, amends any points raised and complete any final compliance and utility checks ensuring the property is compliant at the start of the tenancy.

Property visits


Property Visits

Property Visits

This is the visit and subsequent report carried out by No Letting Go or by the agent using Kaptur software typically every 3-4 months during the tenancy to check that the property is being maintained as agreed, to ensure the tenants are meeting their contractual obligations, checking on the wear and tear of the property and that the tenants are satisfied. These documents are critical pieces of evidence protecting you against section 21 6A notices and invaluable evidence against ongoing tenant complaints, especially used to challenge claims at the end of a tenancy.

Check Out
and Dilapidaitons

Check Out and Dilapidaitons

This is the report prepared by one of No Letting Go’s professional team to determine changes between the start of the tenancy and the end. Using Kaptur mobile technology, we accurately register all change between the condition noted on the original inventory and the property at the end of the tenancy. We will address damage, cleanliness, missing items and provide advice on fair wear and tear or where professional advice is required. The reports by us will also record important maintenance or compliance information for the landlord or agent to attend to, whether it is safety related, maintenance or recommendations related to improvements required.


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Check In and
Right to Rent

Property visits

Property Visits

Check Out
and Dilapidaitons

Open house,

Real-time support

What our customers say

“Having been in the Lettings Business for many years, No Letting Go is by far one of the best Inventory companies I have used. They are always professional, reliable and the quality of work is second to none with reports always received on time.”

Faye Walker I Property Manager I Fry & Kent, Hampshire

“No Letting Go’s reports are well presented with clear and concise notes.  This commentary is supported by a very comprehensive suite of clear photographs.  Our experience is that the team at NLG pay careful attention to our requests and offer us a service that is of a high standard.”

Touchstone/National Property Management

“No Letting Go’s reports are well presented with clear and concise notes.  This commentary is supported by a very comprehensive suite of clear photographs.  Our experience is that the team at No Letting Go pay careful attention to our requests and offer us a service that is of a high standard.”

Touchstone National Property Management

“We have used No Letting Go for Legionella Risk Assessments for over two years now and have been really impressed with the service.  Their reports are extremely detailed with clear information and photographs making our job in advising Landlords and Tenants much easier.  We have looked at other providers in the market and have not seen a better report.  We would highly recommend this service.”

Tracey Gosnell MARLA | Head of Property Management I Intercounty Estate Agents

“Inventory clerks produce reports that will absolutely stand up to scrutiny. They do this so well that disputes over reports produced by No Letting Go are so low as to be practically non- existent.”

Judges comments following the Sunday Times Awards, 2016

“No Letting Go scored exceptionally well on referrals and their ability to understand what their clients want to achieve for their landlords and tenants”

Judges comments following the Sunday Times Awards, 2016

“Professional accurate inventory clerks with a good eye for detail means that every situation is covered thoroughly.  Landlords and tenants have commented on how pleasant the No Letting Go staff are. Having been in the business for many years and used several different inventory companies I can honestly say No Letting Go are one of the best companies I have had to deal with.”

Jane Keenan I Home Lettings Ltd I Beckenham, Kent

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Your questions answered

Who is nolettinggo?

Founded in 2007 by Nick Lyons to provide professionally prepared independent inventory management reporting through a network of regional offices, trained to the very highest levels to help letting agents negotiate end of a tenancy and provide the best protection in the event of disputes. By providing the best property management training, effective systems, complete transparency and accountability, No Letting Go provide a consistent and reliable service. No Letting Go have since expanded the range of services to provide many more compliance services and has become the largest network of branded clerks and inspectors in the UK and one of the largest providers of services to the property management market.

What is your coverage?

We are UK wide. With excess of 65 regional offices throughout the UK and over 300 available clerks and inspectors. No Letting Go provide a professional, fully compliant reporting service at a local level or on a national basis. Whether you are an independent, large regional, corporate, national or on-line business, No Letting Go have a solution for you. Contact us at head office or one of our local offices to discuss your requirements.

How is your track record?

Recognised by all three government deposit schemes and considered one of the best in market, No Letting Go have an exceptional record for reliability, quality and professionalism. We have had less than 0.001% of reports losing a dispute since we started (as reported to us) and had no reported full lost cases as a result of using the complete No Letting Go service.


At local level, we pride ourselves in the turnaround time of our services. We achieve better or equal returns of our reports with our service level agreement time over 98.4% of the time. This is an exceptional record and one we are very proud of.

What reports do you provide?

No Letting Go provide both standard and bespoke compliance reporting for the whole market, including Inventory and schedule of condition, property visits, check outs and dilapidation reporting, right to rent checks, legionella risk assessments, smoke and CO inspection and installation and many more.

See our services section for more information.

How can we keep track of clerks and reports?

The whole No Letting Go business is run through a centralised software system known as KMS. All of our customers can remotely order any report from or to anywhere in the UK, can view the job status in real time, view which clerk is doing your job, access their number, pass instructions to them straight to their mobile device and access current and historic reports.

For about our KMS service take a look at our customer journey video.