Floor plans

Floor plans for digital marketing of your services and for use in compliance reporting, compliance has never been more important. Be ahead of your competition with the most accurate information provided to your clients. No Letting Go provide floor plans through the UK as part of our services or as a stand-alone service. Contact your local office for more information.


Property Appraisals

For online agents No Letting Go offer a Property Appraisal service whereby we attend the landlord’s property on your behalf to compile the property information for marketing purposes which includes details of the property size, décor, heating system, fittings and fixtures as well as details of local amenities.  Additionally high quality photographs are taken of all rooms and relevant external areas/outbuildings.  If required we can collect the keys from the landlord and retain them for viewings, inventory and check in if required. The property information is uploaded directly onto your platform allowing you to proceed with advertising and marketing the property.

360 Virtual Photography

Offering a national service through our network of regional offices, No Letting Go will provide 360 degree virtual tours for any type of property and and working with our partner Kaptur, we can embed a virtual tour into any compliance report.

Selling or renting property fast in today’s world needs exceptional marketing to stand out from the crowd. No Letting Go’s local professional 360 tour marketing service provides a professional local service within a 24 hour turnaround.

No Letting Go provide these tours for all property types and uses. Whether for insurance purposes, commercial sales and marketing literature, inventory and schedule of condition, block property management inspections, landscape and derelict building inspections. Call us now to book a survey or ask for us to build into a regular No Letting Go report


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Inspections and Installation

In October 2015, new regulations were introduced to the private rented sector requiring every landlord to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on each floor of a property. The landlord must evidence that all alarms are tested and working at the start of each tenancy. Fines for non-compliance are a maximum of £5,000 for each failure. No Letting Go will ensure you are compliant. We will check that your alarms are in the correct location, are functioning at move in and install new ones where necessary. All No Letting Go reports have a smoke and carbon monoxide safety section that will guarantee you meet the regulations.


Inventory Management

An independent and Unbiased Professional Reporting service.

Inventory Management covers the preparation and contractual agreement of the critical evidence required to ensure landlords or their representatives can recover costs against a deposit lodged by the tenant or against a zero-deposit replacement insurance. No Letting Go provide all of the critical reports required. Inventory Management reporting is the documentation required at the start and end of the tenancy to determine how much money is deducted from the tenant deposit. Professionally prepared reports by No Letting Go will help settle disputes through effective negotiation and provide the evidence for both TDP resolution or the courts. We protect against misappropriation of costs of damages, assess levels of cleanliness, advise on fair wear and tear and register missing items.

Inventory-PreviewUsing the very latest technology and audit tracking, No Letting Go reports act as your compliance manager. At all property visits we register key pieces of lettings legislation including the presence and working order of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, confirmation of the compliance to fire and furniture regulations and furthermore our reports help protects landlords against Section 21A claim management. All of this information is stored securely on our servers for access at any time.

Inventory Management reports include:

Inventory and Schedule of Condition

No Letting Go provide a comprehensive detailed written and photographic report listing all items and its condition within a property. Each report will provide a safety section of the report to record the information required to evidence compliance to smoke/CO and fire furnishing regulations. The report will also detail keys, appliance manuals, meter readings and provide a short property summary overview.